Invest Time or Money in Ethical Projects that have IMPACT

Most people feel passionately about the fact that they want to give back or help in some way, they just don't know how or don't feel like they have the time. It can also be tricky working out what to support and where your money actually goes. Because of this, every 6-months we are going to choose three high impact ethical projects that are truly making a difference for you to support or to donate towards on behalf of your loved ones. These projects will work towards delivering our Three Global Goals of Educational Innovation, Empowering Everyone and Environmental Rejuvenation. 

Every donation automatically creates an ethical investment portfolio so you can see how your money is being spent, what it is achieving in terms of social and environmental value and who or what is directly being impacted or benefiting.

Your value creation will be working towards social change and restoring and rejuvenating the global eco-system.

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Beyond Bamboo Christmas Project

Rather than buying gifts for your loved ones this Christmas why not make a donation to our South Africa Orphans Project. We are working with partners in both the Langa and Khayelitsha Townships around Cape Town to find out what these young people really need and provide it for them. Every single penny donated will go towards the projects and you and your gift recipients will receive a full update with images and videos from the young people. More details to follow.

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empowering women in countries of conflict

In 2018 we are aiming to empower as many women as possible who are living in countries of conflict. These inspiring women have lived through the most unimaginable experiences and are the caregivers and nurturers of the future generation, often sacrificing their health and happiness to protect their families and children. We want to spend time developing confidence, leadership and entrepreneurial skills so that they can authentically start to effect and create sustainable change.

Since 2015 we have donated over £200,000 towards free empowerment programmes and workshops for women in need around the world and with support we aim to do much more than this going forwards. Your donation will help to fund the programme logistics for the participants only and we will donate our time for free and cover facilitator expenses.

Our Shine Programme isn’t a traditional leadership programme, it is an exciting experiential journey that will empower women to unlock self-limiting beliefs and create fearless cultures where both men and women can tap into their masculine and feminine leadership energies for creativity and transformation.    

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support young change makers

Global Changemakers supports youth worldwide to make a positive change. We have a rounded long-term approach. It starts with identifying promising talent and providing them with training, tools and connections. We then support their projects. So far, we have financially supported over 300 projects worldwide. All members of the network can benefit from support and mentorship.

The network consists of 1000 Changemakers in 128 countries. 200,000 people were directly involved in Changemakers activities. 4 million people were beneficiaries of Changemakers projects. These projects bring about positive change in many fields, ranging from climate change to poverty and human rights. Changemakers are frequently invited to share their innovative ideas at high-profile meetings.

Global Changemakers is a Swiss NGO with its headquarters in Zürich and is completely run by volunteers. We became an independent organisation in 2014 after a five-year incubation period under the British Council, during which the program was developed. The goal was and is to encourage and support youth by providing them with skills, contacts, opportunities, and a worldwide community of like-minded people.

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The world is not infinite. What we do now and today impacts everyone and everything around us. Take charge of you and let us take you on a life changing world journey. We want you to travel and learn. Learn about yourself, others and the planet. Be kind to yourself, the environment and the people where you visit and give back. Connect with people, communities and projects around the world and empower yourself and others. Do this by donating either:

Your time, your skill or your items. 

The Travel, Kind, Connect project is all about microvolunteering. You simply donate small. Donate some of your time whilst on holiday - this could be a few hours or a few days. Donate your skill - teach someone something you are great at. Donate some items - things that are no longer of use to you can be of great benefit to someone else.