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bespoke responsible sourcing

Because we know that your customers care about where you source your products from and how ethical and sustainable they are, we have developed a bespoke responsible sourcing service. We will work with you to ensure that your supply chain is as ethical and sustainable as possible so that you can concentrate on creating a successful business. Our team will immerse themselves in your organisational sourcing needs and provide you with alternative suppliers that will help you to deliver triple-bottom-line reporting focused on People, Planet and Profit. Suppliers that are price sensitive, working towards restoration and rejuvenation of the environment and are ethical in their people and community engagement.

Whether you are looking for more sustainable energy, clothing, beauty products, food and drink, equipment, office supplies, furniture or soft furnishings - we can help you to source responsible organisations looking for long term supplier partnership opportunities. For an annual fee you will have access to our preferred sellers and we will do all of the identifying, selecting and management of the partners for you.

You will also receive our ‘Working Towards Beyond Sustainable’ mark of excellence to share with your customers and key stakeholders and be proud in the knowledge that commission we receive from our suppliers will help deliver our Environmental Rejuvenation Global Goal Projects.

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Consultancy & development

We are experts in Beyond Sustainable Consultancy and have designed and delivered international award winning programmes and workshops to develop responsible leadership, employee empowerment and engagement and innovation to future proof organisations.

As part of our business services we will work with you to identify any knowledge gaps and development needs so that we can design and deliver a bespoke journey towards being Beyond Sustainable for your organisation.

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our mark of excellence

We have created the Beyond Sustainable and Working Towards Beyond Sustainable marks of excellence so that our community of conscious consumers and customers can easily identify organisations that are doing well by doing good.

Once you receive the Beyond Bamboo mark we will help you celebrate and raise awareness through our social media and global network at the same time as providing you with a listing on our webpage and mobile app ‘Near You’.