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A Helping Hand for an Eco-Minded Valentines


Valentines day is around the corner and trying to find sustainable gifts for your love ones can be a big headache and also very time consuming.  More and more of us are wanting to shop consciously and to buy from ethically sourced suppliers who are mindful of climate change, produce less waste, are environmentally friendly and harvest organically. 

Valentines Day is all about love, romance, and appreciating that special person in your life and making them feel extra special; and if your significant other is not necessarily ethically like minded, this is also a great way to show them how you feel about the world around you, so take a look at some great ideas for your Valentines this year.


The fresh cut flower business in United Kingdom alone is worth over  2.2 billion annually and most flowers will come from either Holland, Germany, Netherlands, Kenya and Costa Rica. This can be really tough for our local growers, so the National Farmers Union are backing our local suppliers and spearheading calls for “provenance labelling” of cut flowers in retailers and florists to enable the public to better recognise which are homegrown. By doing so it hopes to persuade consumers that local and seasonal are the best way to go.


If you’re looking for some inspiration this year you could always pick your own from your garden, choose a locally grown supplier that sells organic bouquets, buy a potted house plant or even plant a tree. If you really want to buy cut flowers for your beloved this year then take a look these inspiring eco minded companies from around Britain.


The Real Flower Company 

This company sells beautiful luxury bouquets created from exquisitely scented roses, English flowers, herbs and foliage grown in Hampshire and are fair trade sustainable farms. 

Tel: 01730 818300 


Organic Blooms 

Are an organic cut flower farm near Bristol. they grow and sell beautiful seasonal British cut flowers sustainably and without the use of artificial chemicals. They are proud to achieve Soil Association organic certification in February 2017 and they are also a Social Enterprise.

Tel: 01454 300300 

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The Barn in Bloom 

Are a small family run flower farm and florist. which specialise in growing seasonal cut flowers in a sustainable way that is kind to the planet. They are based just outside of Stratford upon Avon and they grow beautiful flowers in the Warwickshire countryside.

Tel: 0770 3515833 


Tree 2 My Door 

Are a family run business based in Manchester and an award winning gift tree company. They have over 100 trees to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.

Tel: 0161 870 6590



We all have a sweet tooth now and again and we love to indulge in a sweet treat, but where to start to find that greener chocolate treat this year? There is a new wave of artisan and independent chocolatiers out there with so many great scrumptious chocolate products that are truly working toward sustainability by sourcing local ingredients and hand-making their chocolatey treats. when you’re looking for your chocolate treat this year try choosing conscious chocolates companies that are not only fair-trade but look for ethical brands that go beyond sustainability. Look out for vegan, organic, fair-trade and local suppliers that make their own. Here are a select few for you to consider. 

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Conscious Chocolates 

Are delicious vegan chocolate bars made with quality, organic, raw primarily wild ingredients. Their chocolate combines premium quality and health without compromising taste. All of their delicious vegan chocolate bars are entirely hand-made and hand-wrapped. 

Tel: 01273 493331

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Is a family run business born out of his daughters allergies and being out of work.  They started in their own Kitchen and have blossomed from there. Ethicoco Chocolates are all naturally vegan and only buy from ethical traders that guarantee no child slavery and offer decent prices for their growers. GM free, no chemical nasties and 100% recyclable packaging.

Tel: 0330 2203021

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Pump Street Chocolate 

Are an award winning family owned bakery in the village of Orford on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast.  Pump Street Chocolate is about real chocolate made by hand, using traditional methods and all natural ingredients. They import beans directly from co-operatives and family-run farms, and is currently sourcing in Ecuador, Grenada, Jamaica, Honduras and Madagascar.

Tel: 01394 459829


We’re always on the search for ethically minded jewellery brands that have a wide selection of artistic creations, that are not only beautiful but have our planet in mind. We believe that jewellery should make you feel and look like a million dollars, but at what cost? A majority of precious metal miners work in unfair conditions for unacceptable pay, we believe in fair trade for all families that are involved in the mining industry. There are a number of beautiful fair trade and artisan made jewellery companies out there in Britain for the green jeweller in you. Look out for hand-made, reclaimed and recycled materials, local or fair trade and those that support social enterprises. Here are a few companies that doing just that.  


Ara The Altar 

Designer and creator Lauren takes her inspirations from astronomy, nature, and the ancient worlds. Lauren’s aim is to tread lightly whilst creating eternal pieces that give the wearer a conscious connection with the beauty of our only planet. All of her pieces are hand made from 100% recycled precious metals like solid silver and gold.  We love her four principle moon phase stacking set in recycled silver. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 11.56.47 AM.png

Arborea Jewellery  

Christy is based in Devon and is an eco friendly jeweller, she recycles silver and semi-precious stones which have been repurposed from old jewellery or have been ethically sourced. All of her items are hand-made which are inspired by nature. she won the Lux Fashion Magazine Aware for the Best Eco Friendly Jewellery Designer 2018 in the UK.


Works with both talented men and women designers in Britain who love to create contemporary and unique pieces of jewellery with timeless style and elegant design. All pieces are mindfully sourced and Mosami genuinely care about people and the environment so you can wear them in the knowledge they are doing good for the people who made them as well as those who wear them.


Whatever you choose for your loved ones this year, be ecologically aware, be cruelty free, spend ethically, and do so with extra care.

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Tiffany Kelly our Co-Founder will be presenting a talk on Beyond Sustainability at the Eco Living Forum at 4.15pm-5pm, directly opposite our display stand No.W55. Please come and meet us we would love to see you. 

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Have a happy, healthy Valentines Day from the Beyond Bamboo Team.

Written by Rebecca Warren, International Projects

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Conscious Consumerism - 2019 is the Time for Change

2018 has seen increased plastic attacks on supermarkets, leaving all unnecessary packaging behind in trolleys, consumers refusing the straw and raising awareness of the harm single use plastics are doing to our seas and planet. It’s hard to forget the image of the straw being pulled from the sea turtles nose, or the peeled orange re-packaged in a container to keep it fresh… if only mother nature had come up with a solution…crazy!

Governments and big brands are feeling the change and pledging to ban single use plastics all over the world. The Ocean Cleanup has also started this year with Boyan Slat and team embarking on the largest clean up of the sea the world has ever seen. Whilst there are still teething problems as the system is tested this process and others are the start of actual sustainable change happening.

It feels a little like humankind has been having a 50 year unsustainable ‘plastic party’ with supposed ‘single use’ products even though plastic was promoted as ‘lasting for forever’. But, having woken up realising that forever means ‘you cannot ever really throw it away’ we are ready to reverse the damage. It’s not a short process and there is still a long way to go in terms of making companies accountable for the packaging they use and ensuring that we are taking responsibility for each and every purchase we make. Because, whilst we can continue to keep on blaming the companies, the truth is change starts with each and everyone of us. If we vote with our feet and shop sustainably the manufacturers and companies have to listen or lose profits.

So what can we do to go beyond sustainability and help be part of the solution instead of the problem? Ideally we would all follow in the footsteps of the inspiring people like Lauren Singer who live a zero waste lifestyle if she can make it work then surely we all can? But, with busy lives and limited finance here's my top five tips to commit to doing this New Year that will help to impact change.

  1. Get out of the gym and exercise outside - All those workout machines, vending machines and strip lights are bad for the environment. Join a local running club or sports team or try yoga or pilates and exercise without contributing to your carbon footprint

  2. Reduce the meat you are eating - more and more people are going vegan or vegetarian, but if that feels to much for you and your family, why not just do Veganuary or join the Flexitarian movement and pledge to reduce the meat you eat by just two/three meals a week

  3. Shop plastic free - take your own re-usable bags and packaging to the supermarket and use those to select your produce over pre-packaged. Certain stores such as Morrisons now offer reward points for bringing your own packaging. Better still, shop local!

  4. Buy second hand - or fix rather than throw away. The clothing industry is the second biggest pollutant on the planet. Try having clothes swapping parties with friends, shopping at second hand stores or buying up-cycled or revamped clothing and accessories

  5. Shop sustainable - If you must buy something, make sure it is ethical and sustainably sourced. That it is cruelty free and wont cause more harm to the planet. You will find a selection of incredible sellers on our homepage

We have a duty of care to this planet to leave it in the very best state for the next generation so let's all make a New Years Resolution to make 2019 the time for change.

Tanith Harding

Head of International Projects, RoundTable Global

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