Simple Sustainable Christmas Tip 1.

Let us think about water and drinking it !.

We all know how dependent we have become on bottled water, we can no longer turn a blind eye to the millions of tons of plastic waste stream produced every year just from packaged water.

We have come to believe that bottled water is safer than tap water but most council and municipal water is completely safe, clean and fresh, and many water suppliers simply bottle council water anyway. If you are not sure you like the taste of tap water, invest in a water filter, you only have to do this once and it will be so much cheaper in the long term.

Get into the habit of using your own water in a reusable cup or bottle, make it second nature to use one; once upon a time we wouldn’t have dreamed of buying and using plastic bottled water daily, but we did, so make the switch back again now.

Refill a reusable bottle and keep it chilled in the fridge, and simply get into the habit of taking it with you whenever you leave home.

You could encourage your work colleagues to follow suit or ask you employer to supply a refillable source. it may not be tap water, but it is a win against plastic

For your own use and for family and friends we recommend this excellent plastic free, travel or at home Stainless Steel water bottle from Elephant Box, stylish and the perfect gift to get people started on the sustainable path; comes in 500ml or 750ml.

Just this one step is your first step to change and ‘ water saving’ takes you further on your journey.

Single-Wall Water Bottle - 500ml / 750ml £18.00/£20.00

Single-Wall Water Bottle - 500ml / 750ml £18.00/£20.00

You may think that saving water doesn’t effect you personally, but it should, we are using way to much of the planet’s water resources. - Don’t let water run away unused.

When brushing teeth turn off the tap whilst brushing, when washing hands, turn off the tap when lathering.

Wash your dishes, fruits and veggies in a smaller bowl or pan rather than letting the water run.

Have a shower instead of baths and keep your shower to 5 mins. - turn off the tap when lathering and conditioning, turn back on for rinsing.

Replace your old Shower head with a water-saving new one. You can learn more on this by reading

Go that step further and use a rain barrel to harvest rainwater from gutters for watering the garden or plants, and save money on your watering bills at the same time. You can do this for indoor pot plants by catching rain water in a bucket anywhere you have an accessible outdoor space.

You might find used barrels at a salvage yard such as this you will also find them and others on our ‘Near You’ listing.

Make sure dishwashers & washing machines have a full load - take a little bit of time out and read up on the best water saving washing machines and dishwashers if you are intending to buy or renew.

To really make a statement this Christmas and to bring awareness, here are some non for profit water charities that focus on reducing water consumption and giving back to developing countries that don’t have clean water. Make a donation on behalf of a friend or relative for Christmas and really make a difference.