Meet - Ania Mroz- Pacula


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FERRON breaches the gap between fast fashion non- animal derived products and labels that are beyond the budget for most people.

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From a sustainability view point “The future is in plant based and high tech innovation.”

The handbag, is made using Polyurethane (PU), and Eco- microfiber that provide the luxury feel of real leather without harming a single animal.

At this point in time, PU leather has less than half of the environmental impact than leather derived from animals. In terms of durability, PU is waterproof, can be dry-cleaned, is soft and supple and much lighter than real leather. And although it tears more easily than genuine leather, this synthetic form does not crack or fade under sunlight.

Simple timeless chic !

Simple timeless chic !

Ania’s mission is not only to provide an elegant ethical handbag, an affordable luxury item but also to be a voice for the voiceless.

For every FERRON bag sold FERRON donate £10 to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in aid of their conservation efforts. FERRON’s logo, an elephant, is not only an expression of love for animals and support of wildlife protection projects such as SWT’s elephant orphanage in Kenya, but also a statement against cruelty in fashion.

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