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FERRON breaches the gap between fast fashion non- animal derived products and labels that are beyond the budget for most people.

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From a sustainability view point “The future is in plant based and high tech innovation.”

The handbag, is made using Polyurethane (PU), and Eco- microfiber that provide the luxury feel of real leather without harming a single animal.

At this point in time, PU leather has less than half of the environmental impact than leather derived from animals. In terms of durability, PU is waterproof, can be dry-cleaned, is soft and supple and much lighter than real leather. And although it tears more easily than genuine leather, this synthetic form does not crack or fade under sunlight.

Simple timeless chic !

Simple timeless chic !

Ania’s mission is not only to provide an elegant ethical handbag, an affordable luxury item but also to be a voice for the voiceless.

For every FERRON bag sold FERRON donate £10 to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in aid of their conservation efforts. FERRON’s logo, an elephant, is not only an expression of love for animals and support of wildlife protection projects such as SWT’s elephant orphanage in Kenya, but also a statement against cruelty in fashion.

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FabRap - take a look behind the label

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About FabRap

FabRap makes fabric gift wrapping that stands the test of time. Inspired by Indian textiles and the traditional Japanese art of Furoshiki, these fabric gift wraps combine timeless elegance, sustainability and ease of use. 

Designer Hema Kumar always found gift wrapping to be very rewarding. So much so, in fact, that she was her family's designated wrapper each festive season. For her, wrapping gifts beautifully is a way to increase their meaning and value.

Being of Indian origin, she grew up surrounded by luxurious textiles and was always fascinated by the immense array of colours, fabrics and designs she would find during visits to India. 

FabRap shares Hema’s passion for textiles and gift wrapping through high quality, 100% organic cotton wrapping fabric made under fair labour conditions in India. Refined prints meet contemporary hues, luxurious feel meets convenience and affordability.

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Affordable Luxury & Zero Waste

Our premium high quality 100% organic fabrics add to the value of every gift given while looking after our precious resources at the same time. We have chosen to use cotton ‘cambric’ fabric which is slightly heavier and less sheer than voile, but still has a lovely softness due to the way it is woven. Soft, yet durable enough to stand the test of time so that our FabRaps can be handed from recipient to recipient for years to come.

During the Christmas season alone, millions of tonnes of wrapping paper ends up in landfills as the majority of it cannot be recycled due to the use of dyes and plastic laminations. FabRap offers a beautiful and sustainable alternative which is reusable and repurposable.

FabRaps not only give your gift beauty with ease, but they also give you and the recipient a clear conscience. Everyone loves that almost ceremonial feeling of excitement whilst opening a wonderfully wrapped gift, but nobody savours the guilty feeling after having thrown the wrapping paper into the trash.

Environmental considerations aside, FabRap transforms a gift's wrapping into an object of value in itself that can be passed on for another special occasion or repurposed. One of the most enticing things about FabRap, is that it makes wrapping any object with rounded or unusual shapes a breeze. No more need for sticky tape or scissors! Simply choose your favourite FabRap to use and follow our easy to use instructions and videos.

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EcoSparkles Biodegradable Glitter - Take a look behind the label

EcoSparkles Biodegradable Glitter was established in the spring of 2016, by Nanna Stofberg. This is what makes Nanna do what she does !

EcoSparkles Biodegradable Glitter was established in the spring of 2016, by Nanna Stofberg. This is what makes Nanna do what she does !

Microplastic is one of the biggest pollutants and threats our environment is currently facing. It is estimated that over 51 trillion tiny pieces of plastic is floating around in the worlds oceans and in the atmosphere.

Since microplastic is such a common effect of our modern households, not many can say they haven't contributed to the pollution. But there are many ways you can take action every day to try and minimise the footprint you leave behind. One of them is in your use of glitter.

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.Our vision since day one has been to spread awareness about plastic pollution through the joy of sparkles. We believe that if you meet consumers at eye height we can plant small shining seeds of ways to make a difference on their path.

EcoSparkles Biodegradable Glitters are made on a base ingredient of plant based cellulose from sustainably sourced eucalyptus trees. These trees come from European plantations, promising responsible growth and harvest of the plants. EcoSparkles Classic Glitters are both Vegan and Cruelty Free.

EcoSparkles Biodegradable Shimmer Is not vegan, one of it’s components ‘shellac’ comes from a resin sap that is left on trees by beetles to protect larvae, once hatched this resin is left behind and harvested, no beetles or larvae are harmed in the process but as a by-product this cannot be classed as vegan. EcoSparkles Shimmer is Cruelty Free.

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We believe in giving as much back to our earth as possible. The glitter journey started in the South American rainforest for us, and we still support the Wildlife Rescue Center Amazoonico in Ecuador every year with our collection during green weekend. 

 We have pledged to donate 8% of our yearly surplus to charities fighting for a better future for our earth and it's inhabitants. Other than this we love to support as many environmental projects as possible, so if you are planning a litter pick or a beach clean, please let us know and tell us how we can help.

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Other ways EcoSparkles takes action every day:

Our packaging is as sustainable as possible:

* The pots are made of glass with aluminium lids (recyclable)

* The refill bags are made of biodegradable plastic

* The glue pots are made of aluminium (recyclable)


Our shipping packages contain no or little plastic: 

* We pack everything in recycled cardboard boxes.

* We use wood shavings as protection instead of polystyrene and bubble wrap. 

* Our flyers and business cards are made from recycled material too.

   To help customers buy closer to home we make wholesale agreements with different companies around the world, so we can help to save our world from too much transatlantic shipping.

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You can hire The Glitter Girls and Boys to do event glitter, makeup and bodypaint.

To  get a quote on a project or to hire the squad, send an email to: and mention you read about EcoSparkles on Beyond Bamboo - working towards and going beyond sustainability

ETHCS - The Label - take a look behind it


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To help reduce the ever increasing impact of clothing on the planet, and all life.

While the demand for new clothing still exists, it is our aim to provide a sustainable alternative, one that has a positive impact. The planet gains, as do the people and animals that live here.


Be conscious in every choice you make.

Fashion is too fast, help us slow it down. If new clothing purchases are deemed necessary, then it's our view that the choice of that clothing should come with little to no impact on the planet.

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At ETHCS, we want to be part of the solution. That's why the clothing we use is manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power.

The growing of cotton is very water intensive - it can take over 20,000 litres of water to produce just 1kg of cotton, which is why we use organic cotton. Not only does organic cotton require less water, we source it from a region that receives up to 95% of its water from the monsoon rain, meaning our products have a substantially lesser carbon footprint - up to 90% less.

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We pride ourselves on high quality goods. Not only is Organic Cotton better for the environment, it feels better than cheap cotton and holds its colour and shape better wash after wash. We produce clothing that lasts. We use little packaging and no frills with our products. You're buying our clothing for the ethics in production, the message and the quality.


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Ethcs are certified by The Fairwear Foundation, Global Organic Textile Standards, PETA - vegan approved. and 40% of profits goes towards Vegan campaigns.

Elephant Box - behind the label

Liz and Joy - our story

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We started Elephant Box because we wanted to be a part of the solution to the problem of plastic.

The idea behind Elephant Box happened around Joy's kitchen table.

We wanted to create a stainless steel lunchbox that could hold a hearty packed lunch. We also needed it to stand the test of time and the school bag! The problem of plastic was not hitting the news headlines at all a few years ago but we had a hunch that it wasn't just us that wanted an alternative to plastic food containers.

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The Elephant Box design is inspired by the Indian latch tiffin.

In India, these tiffins are used over and over again for many many years. Crowdfunding meant we could develop a design and get it manufactured. This is our flagship product; The Elephant Box. We now have lots of different size lunch boxes and snack containers to choose from!

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Everything we do is mindful of our impact on this planet.

We provide products that are useful, beautiful, durable and reliable.

We want to give people a reason to buy better and buy less. That’s why we sell things that are built to last. It uses fewer resources and it makes people happy too!

Our products are made in India and China

Our range of lunch boxes is manufactured by an experienced family business in India, who has been working with stainless steel for several generations. We are confident working conditions are fair and ethical, have visited our manufacturers personally.

Our produce bags are made from GOTS certified cotton in India.

Our cups & bottles are made in China. We are satisfied that our suppliers there are working to promote fair & safe working conditions.

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We’ll keep building our range, bringing you new products that are useful.

We will continue to provide plastic-free alternatives so that people have a choice of what to buy, and if they choose to, to live a life with less plastic.

We’ll be staying true to our principles and doing our bit to add our voice to the conversation about plastics.

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We like to keep our packaging simple plastic free and recyclable. 

When your order gets sent out to you, its plastic free and its the same when the products are sent from our manufacturers. Everything comes packaged only in cardboard.

Laura Zabo - Look behind the label

Laura Zabo is on a mission to transform the world and the fashion industry from a consumer into a creator. She wants to empower people to make the next world better and look good along the way. ZABO is for urban warriors who want to stand out and care for the environment. 

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Here is Laura’s story

My upcycling journey began two years ago while I was exploring the beautiful country of Tanzania. I was captivated by the wild open spaces, the vibrant colours, and the warm generous people. The moment which changed my life was when I caught sight of some handmade brightly-painted sandals at a Maasai market. These innovative sandals were made entirely out of repurposed car tires. I immediately fell in love with the idea that functional products could be created out of trash, and I knew that I simply had to share this brilliant idea with the world. Vehicle tyres are a rapidly growing problem on this planet, with over 3 billion tyres dumped globally every year. They take decades to break down and often pile up on landfill sites, taking up valuable space and clogging up our planet. We need to find imaginative and creative eco-solutions for the increasing amount of waste on our planet and transform it into useful and sustainable treasure.

Sandal shoe base - interchangeable straps (comes with above strapping)

Sandal shoe base - interchangeable straps (comes with above strapping)

After returning from Africa I was inspired to begin crafting tire belts at home, going on to sell my handmade fashion accessories at the London markets. As my ideas and techniques developed, so did my business and I began creating even more items such as inner tube jewellery and dog accessories. German tyre manufacturer, Schwalbe, donated approximately 5000 rejected tires to me saved from a future in landfill, which I upcycled into an eclectic range of belts, jewellery, guitar straps, dog leads - and much more

Vogue Fringe Belt

Vogue Fringe Belt

We carefully clean and cut the tyres and inner tubes to create stunning accessories, which are high quality, long lasting and unique, no two tyres are identical. Our products are 100% eco friendly, 100% vegan, 100% fabulous.

Atlantis choker and earing set

Atlantis choker and earing set

I am delighted that upcycled tyres are taking the world by storm and that more and more people are becoming eco-conscious, choosing sustainable, ethical and vegan products. I simply can not wait to come up with even more wild ideas for my beloved tyres and hopefully inspire others to think big, create, and change the world!

Second Life skull Belt

Second Life skull Belt

I hope the passion and joy i have for up cycling, will inspire others to follow by example, so we can help save the planet together.


Tommy & Lottie - Take a look behind the label

Tommy & Lottie brand values are to produce quality, unisex, capsule clothing out of ethical and sustainable sourced cottons and fabrics. To consider the environment and ethics in the product’s life cycle from crop to customer. Reuse, recycle, ‘hand down’ is their ethos.

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The T-shirts are ethical & sustainably manufactured out of 100% luxury cotton and designed and screen printed in the UK. The cotton is certified Oeko-Tex® standard 100 making it safer and less toxic for babies and toddlers. The cotton is vertically produced which means it is grown, picked, dyed, sewn in one place therefore considerably reducing the carbon footprint of each T-shirt made.

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The founder Katie Carr hand draws all the tee designs before they are turned into a graphic style image. The designs are screen printed using environmental water based inks; . they are non seasonal so can be bought or worn all year round. making it easier to be handed down and reused,  helping towards building a more sustainable world and creating less textile waste.

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“I am very passionate about the environment and wildlife which is why it is so important to me to only produce good quality products that come from a honest place where people who make them are treated fairly whether this is in Britain or in other parts of the world. Animal designs are particularly my passion as animals are so important for us to protect, now and for the future.”

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Tommy & Lottie partners the Sumatran Orangutan Society charity, helping to protect orang-utans in the Sumatran rainforests; for each purchase of a print or orangutan child or adult sweatshirt, Tommy & Lottie donate over 10% to this incredible organisation.

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Sails and Canvas - take a look behind the label

Friends since childhood, Juliette and Mandi set up Sails and Canvas in June 2015…and for them it’s all about the sailcloth!



…..AND NOW !

…..AND NOW !

Their story and - The story of the sail…

We have a passion for old sails – they come in to us after a life of adventure often smelling of the sea and crusty with salt, they have been loved by their owners and then we give them a new life and pass on that love. Our original sailcloth & colourful marine canvas lifestyle products are hand made in our estuary sail loft workshop on Topsham Quay in Devon.  

Every sail we use means less sailcloth ends its life in landfill and that is our other passion…reduce, reuse and recycle.

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Sailed – We think old sails are beautiful, it can take a long time and many adventures to get them looking like they do. Whilst we do our best to remove any marks and imperfections picked up on the way, one or two still remain. We feel this adds to their beauty and makes them original.

Saved – We try to use all of the sail…telltails, piston hanks, original sail numbers, class logo and insignias. Sails are incredibly strong and durable but they are made from a synthetic man-made material which is not biodegradable. Imagine what happens to them in a landfill, probably not a lot is the answer! So the more we upcycle, the less is dug into the ground…and if we can help to do our little bit, it makes us happy.

Sewn – We take pride in designing and hand-making each item in our sail loft studio on Topsham quay, Devon…the sail has completed its journey from the sea to our studio and is ready to start its new life as an original S&C item. Will you be the one to take it on its next adventure?

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Do you have any unwanted sails lurking in your garage or attic? Are they just gathering dust and taking up space? Not sure what to do with them! We upcycle old sails into beautiful new sailcloth home and lifestyle products. contact us @

Ethically Organic - Take a look behind the label

Brad and Sallyanne, the founders of Ethically Organic, had become more health conscious over the years and were shocked to see the chemical additives in the skincare products they had used regularly on a daily basis.

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Here is their story:

“Our focus and desire was to build a brand of skin kind products that had no adverse effects, helped support our healthy lifestyles, whilst embracing incredible skincare.

“Our ethos is "Ethically Organic" cruelty and toxic free, these are the core fundamental values that built our brand, it stands for what we are, and what we believe in”

Brad’s enthusiasm to make a change lead him to begin formulating in the kitchen whilst completing a Diploma in natural and organic skincare.

His niece suffered from terrible eczema and was in daily discomfort, only one cream seemed to work on her, but the ingredient list was worrying to Brad, so he became determined to make a natural, organic, chemical free alternative .

“We extensively researched what is kind to our skin and our well being.” and so the ‘Pure Unscented’ range was created; a highly concentrated, pure, organic skincare which has become the foundation of their brand. The cream instantly reduced the inflammation, redness and itchiness of Brad’s niece’s skin and has been a daily staple ever since.

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“All of our products are carefully made by hand in the UK, to minimise our carbon footprint; they are 99% organic and 100% natural. We have taken a ‘less is more approach’ by using only the minimum ingredients that are the most beneficial to your skin. Our entire range contains no harsh preservatives, no parabens, no phthalates, no silicones, no drying alcohols, no endocrine disruptors, no synthetic fragrances, no SLS, and no dyes. We source our ingredients ethically, using sustainable and fair-trade suppliers.

Our range is entirely anhydrous, which gives the consumer undiluted high concentration skincare products, packed full of vitamins and omegas.

Along with being endorsed by PETA and carrying the cruelty free logo on our products, we have been registered by the vegan society, and are also proud to carry their logo.

We have kept plastic to an absolute minimum, all our boxes used for postage are made of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. 

We strive to be transparent and honest and do our bit for the environment.”

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Wear Panda - take a look behind the label

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The Wear Panda Origin

Wear Panda is a premium sustainable fashion brand, offering a contemporary aesthetic to a new generation of globally-conscious consumers. We aspire to synthesize modern fashion designs with intentional sourcing and thoughtful manufacturing practices. The concept of "fashion with a purpose" was a cornerstone of our founding philosophy, and it remains central to the work we do today.

Founded in 2012, Wear Panda envisaged a high quality sustainable eyewear brand that would benefit the planet that we inhabit as well as the less fortunate people that live in it. Out of that vision came our stylish sunglasses. Panda sunnies are handcrafted from sustainably sourced bamboo that leave a minimal environmental footprint and help to preserve our planet for future generations.

Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 13.44.16.png

Our eyewear and watches are not only environmentally friendly; In our quest to play our small part in making the world a better place, we have teamed up with Optometry Giving Sight. This partnership means that for every pair of Panda sunglasses we sell, one individual in need receives a medical eye examination as well as a pair of prescription glasses for free.

Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 13.51.25.png

Furthermore, the Gift of Education is provided through our collaboration with Pencils of Promise. With every watch purchased, we make a small donation to this organisation, providing educational opportunities to children in need in small villages all over the world.

As the original bamboo sunglasses company we pride ourselves on being innovative. When you Wear Panda you’re creating a positive social and environmental change. You’re giving your stamp of approval for fashion with a purpose. Your continued support is really appreciated as we try to spread awareness on important issues that affect us all.

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Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Bamboo is an easy-to-grow, renewable resource that has countless uses including clothes, food, fuel and even construction. This extremely versatile material can grow well without the need to use fertilisers or pesticides, which means that the potential risk of chemicals entering groundwater are significantly minimised.

To add to its sustainable qualities, bamboo is also extremely durable; and by using a unique layered and proprietary design process, we can bring to life high quality natural bamboo products that have a minimal impact on the eco system and also last.

We are proud members of the Ethical Fashion Fellowship 500 club!

Arya Candles - take a look behind the label


We're Lina & Jenny, the mother-daughter duo behind Arya Candles. We hand craft all natural candles and reed diffusers in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. The business and brand evolved from a delightful hobby and we’re so proud that Arya Candles is now providing a vital lifeline for other women.

Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 12.48.17.png

Arya Candles was created to be a socially responsible business, to realise our dream of empowering women worldwide.  Being ethical, honest, and socially & environmentally aware is the bedrock of the company.

Candles have the incredible power to bring comfort and sacredness into your home. We want our products to help you rest and unwind, to appreciate small moments, and to drift away in your thoughts as the beautiful fragrance evokes memories from the past. All whilst knowing that your purchase is making real change to the life of someone less fortunate.


How we Support Women in War-torn Countries

At Arya we passionately believe that businesses have the ability to change lives, therefore we want every Arya candle to have a positive impact. As such, we are sponsoring women through Women for Women International’s year-long training programme. Since 1993, Women for Women International has helped nearly 479,000 women in 8 countries affected by war and conflict, offering them support, tools and life-changing skills.  With new stability, strength and economic self-sufficiency the women can begin to rebuild their lives.

Due to increased security concerns in many of the countries Women for Women International work in, it is important for them to take security measures to protect the women in the programme. We fully respect the security of the women we sponsor, and therefore won't be sharing any photos or personal details which may compromise their safety. So far we have supported 13 women through their programme, from countries such as South Sudan, Rwanda, and Bosnia.

By choosing an Arya Candles product, you are making a difference to the lives of women in crisis around the world.

FRiLuk - take a look behind the label


It's about our planet. It's about animals. It's about time.

FRiLuk is specialised in sustainable and eco-fashion, manufacturing trendy and high-quality products for everyday life... with one big difference though: we like to be unique. We focus on natural and cruelty-free fabrics only.

The cork fabric was an obvious choice for us to make our wallets and purses.

FRiLuk Ltd is UK based, in 2016 we have decided to start our own brand on the back of several years during which we have been travelling all around the World from Los Angeles to Tokyo. During this amazing journey, we have acquired a valuable knowledge about what customers need, what their expectations are and how we can give them an incredible experience by manufacturing fashionable products which are 100% animal-free and made from sustainable resources such as cork and bamboo.

At FRiLuk we are all about travelling, enjoying life and be unique!

We proudly work with people from all around the World; we believe that the greatest things happen in a multi-cultural environment. We have chosen to run FRiLuk by working with passionate people, regardless of where they are located. Below are the countries represented in our business and we can't wait to see this list growing!

 England          China      

 USA                 France

 Spain               Serbia

 Pakistan         Venezuela

 Israel               Portugal


FRiLuk is family owned. The founder of FRiLuk has travelled more than 190,000 miles in the past 10 years. Born in France, he and his family have worked and lived in different countries in Europe and the Middle East. If you want to know more about how the journey started, please read this article on our blog.

A Helping Hand for an Eco-Minded Valentines


Valentines day is around the corner and trying to find sustainable gifts for your love ones can be a big headache and also very time consuming.  More and more of us are wanting to shop consciously and to buy from ethically sourced suppliers who are mindful of climate change, produce less waste, are environmentally friendly and harvest organically. 

Valentines Day is all about love, romance, and appreciating that special person in your life and making them feel extra special; and if your significant other is not necessarily ethically like minded, this is also a great way to show them how you feel about the world around you, so take a look at some great ideas for your Valentines this year.


The fresh cut flower business in United Kingdom alone is worth over  2.2 billion annually and most flowers will come from either Holland, Germany, Netherlands, Kenya and Costa Rica. This can be really tough for our local growers, so the National Farmers Union are backing our local suppliers and spearheading calls for “provenance labelling” of cut flowers in retailers and florists to enable the public to better recognise which are homegrown. By doing so it hopes to persuade consumers that local and seasonal are the best way to go.


If you’re looking for some inspiration this year you could always pick your own from your garden, choose a locally grown supplier that sells organic bouquets, buy a potted house plant or even plant a tree. If you really want to buy cut flowers for your beloved this year then take a look these inspiring eco minded companies from around Britain.


The Real Flower Company 

This company sells beautiful luxury bouquets created from exquisitely scented roses, English flowers, herbs and foliage grown in Hampshire and are fair trade sustainable farms. 

Tel: 01730 818300 


Organic Blooms 

Are an organic cut flower farm near Bristol. they grow and sell beautiful seasonal British cut flowers sustainably and without the use of artificial chemicals. They are proud to achieve Soil Association organic certification in February 2017 and they are also a Social Enterprise.

Tel: 01454 300300 

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 11.24.23 AM.png

The Barn in Bloom 

Are a small family run flower farm and florist. which specialise in growing seasonal cut flowers in a sustainable way that is kind to the planet. They are based just outside of Stratford upon Avon and they grow beautiful flowers in the Warwickshire countryside.

Tel: 0770 3515833 


Tree 2 My Door 

Are a family run business based in Manchester and an award winning gift tree company. They have over 100 trees to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.

Tel: 0161 870 6590



We all have a sweet tooth now and again and we love to indulge in a sweet treat, but where to start to find that greener chocolate treat this year? There is a new wave of artisan and independent chocolatiers out there with so many great scrumptious chocolate products that are truly working toward sustainability by sourcing local ingredients and hand-making their chocolatey treats. when you’re looking for your chocolate treat this year try choosing conscious chocolates companies that are not only fair-trade but look for ethical brands that go beyond sustainability. Look out for vegan, organic, fair-trade and local suppliers that make their own. Here are a select few for you to consider. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 10.34.27 AM.png

Conscious Chocolates 

Are delicious vegan chocolate bars made with quality, organic, raw primarily wild ingredients. Their chocolate combines premium quality and health without compromising taste. All of their delicious vegan chocolate bars are entirely hand-made and hand-wrapped. 

Tel: 01273 493331

Screenshot 2019-02-05 at 13.57.40.png


Is a family run business born out of his daughters allergies and being out of work.  They started in their own Kitchen and have blossomed from there. Ethicoco Chocolates are all naturally vegan and only buy from ethical traders that guarantee no child slavery and offer decent prices for their growers. GM free, no chemical nasties and 100% recyclable packaging.

Tel: 0330 2203021

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 11.29.56 AM.png

Pump Street Chocolate 

Are an award winning family owned bakery in the village of Orford on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast.  Pump Street Chocolate is about real chocolate made by hand, using traditional methods and all natural ingredients. They import beans directly from co-operatives and family-run farms, and is currently sourcing in Ecuador, Grenada, Jamaica, Honduras and Madagascar.

Tel: 01394 459829


We’re always on the search for ethically minded jewellery brands that have a wide selection of artistic creations, that are not only beautiful but have our planet in mind. We believe that jewellery should make you feel and look like a million dollars, but at what cost? A majority of precious metal miners work in unfair conditions for unacceptable pay, we believe in fair trade for all families that are involved in the mining industry. There are a number of beautiful fair trade and artisan made jewellery companies out there in Britain for the green jeweller in you. Look out for hand-made, reclaimed and recycled materials, local or fair trade and those that support social enterprises. Here are a few companies that doing just that.  


Ara The Altar 

Designer and creator Lauren takes her inspirations from astronomy, nature, and the ancient worlds. Lauren’s aim is to tread lightly whilst creating eternal pieces that give the wearer a conscious connection with the beauty of our only planet. All of her pieces are hand made from 100% recycled precious metals like solid silver and gold.  We love her four principle moon phase stacking set in recycled silver. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 11.56.47 AM.png

Arborea Jewellery  

Christy is based in Devon and is an eco friendly jeweller, she recycles silver and semi-precious stones which have been repurposed from old jewellery or have been ethically sourced. All of her items are hand-made which are inspired by nature. she won the Lux Fashion Magazine Aware for the Best Eco Friendly Jewellery Designer 2018 in the UK.


Works with both talented men and women designers in Britain who love to create contemporary and unique pieces of jewellery with timeless style and elegant design. All pieces are mindfully sourced and Mosami genuinely care about people and the environment so you can wear them in the knowledge they are doing good for the people who made them as well as those who wear them.


Whatever you choose for your loved ones this year, be ecologically aware, be cruelty free, spend ethically, and do so with extra care.

As an extra treat why not come and meet the Beyond Bamboo team at the Vegan Life Live Expo at Alexandra Palace , London on the 9th & 10th March 2019. We will be showcasing ‘Mudra Conscious Clothing’ along with introducing Beyond Bamboo collaborators and their products.  

Tiffany Kelly our Co-Founder will be presenting a talk on Beyond Sustainability at the Eco Living Forum at 4.15pm-5pm, directly opposite our display stand No.W55. Please come and meet us we would love to see you. 

For a chance to WIN a FREE pair of weekend ENTRY tickets, why not enter our Vegan Life Live Competition

Visit and answer the four multiple choice questions, complete the entry form with your email address and if you are one of 5 lucky winners we will send you a pair of tickets for this great event!!

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Have a happy, healthy Valentines Day from the Beyond Bamboo Team.

Written by Rebecca Warren, International Projects

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Conscious Consumerism - 2019 is the Time for Change

2018 has seen increased plastic attacks on supermarkets, leaving all unnecessary packaging behind in trolleys, consumers refusing the straw and raising awareness of the harm single use plastics are doing to our seas and planet. It’s hard to forget the image of the straw being pulled from the sea turtles nose, or the peeled orange re-packaged in a container to keep it fresh… if only mother nature had come up with a solution…crazy!

Governments and big brands are feeling the change and pledging to ban single use plastics all over the world. The Ocean Cleanup has also started this year with Boyan Slat and team embarking on the largest clean up of the sea the world has ever seen. Whilst there are still teething problems as the system is tested this process and others are the start of actual sustainable change happening.

It feels a little like humankind has been having a 50 year unsustainable ‘plastic party’ with supposed ‘single use’ products even though plastic was promoted as ‘lasting for forever’. But, having woken up realising that forever means ‘you cannot ever really throw it away’ we are ready to reverse the damage. It’s not a short process and there is still a long way to go in terms of making companies accountable for the packaging they use and ensuring that we are taking responsibility for each and every purchase we make. Because, whilst we can continue to keep on blaming the companies, the truth is change starts with each and everyone of us. If we vote with our feet and shop sustainably the manufacturers and companies have to listen or lose profits.

So what can we do to go beyond sustainability and help be part of the solution instead of the problem? Ideally we would all follow in the footsteps of the inspiring people like Lauren Singer who live a zero waste lifestyle if she can make it work then surely we all can? But, with busy lives and limited finance here's my top five tips to commit to doing this New Year that will help to impact change.

  1. Get out of the gym and exercise outside - All those workout machines, vending machines and strip lights are bad for the environment. Join a local running club or sports team or try yoga or pilates and exercise without contributing to your carbon footprint

  2. Reduce the meat you are eating - more and more people are going vegan or vegetarian, but if that feels to much for you and your family, why not just do Veganuary or join the Flexitarian movement and pledge to reduce the meat you eat by just two/three meals a week

  3. Shop plastic free - take your own re-usable bags and packaging to the supermarket and use those to select your produce over pre-packaged. Certain stores such as Morrisons now offer reward points for bringing your own packaging. Better still, shop local!

  4. Buy second hand - or fix rather than throw away. The clothing industry is the second biggest pollutant on the planet. Try having clothes swapping parties with friends, shopping at second hand stores or buying up-cycled or revamped clothing and accessories

  5. Shop sustainable - If you must buy something, make sure it is ethical and sustainably sourced. That it is cruelty free and wont cause more harm to the planet. You will find a selection of incredible sellers on our homepage

We have a duty of care to this planet to leave it in the very best state for the next generation so let's all make a New Years Resolution to make 2019 the time for change.

Tanith Harding

Head of International Projects, RoundTable Global

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