Beautiful products that go beyond sustainability.

Beyond Bamboo® empowers you to make conscious, ethical consumer choices without the hassle of visiting multiple websites and having to delve into tons of research.

We have provided this for you to look into in one place. All of our products have been sourced from suppliers that are working towards going beyond sustainable and ethical and are focused on people, planet and profit.

To make everything even more transparent we have created a 'Look Behind The Label Button' for each product or partner so that you can see the details for yourself and feel even more excited about your purchases and the good that they are doing.

Feel fantastic about everything you buy.

Welcome to Beyond Bamboo the ethical online marketplace to buy clothes and products that don’t just make you feel great, they do great things in the world too! All of the products featured on our site come from incredible sellers that want to make the world an ethical and sustainable one. We have a whole range of beautiful products that are either from sustainable sources, up cycled, recycled or giving back to communities that need support and you can help just by shopping here!

 In order to bring sustainability to every area of your life we have also created our Beyond Bamboo Near You listing so that no matter where you are you can find inspiration for planet friendly products. Our ethos is to reduce production and consumption as much as possible so if you aren’t shopping for something you need or looking to buy a gift for someone special, why not create a social impact investment portfolio for them and invest in our Inspire Projects that are making a difference in the world.…enjoy.

We are working with each of our partners to ensure that in the future every part of the product development process and supply chain is 100% sustainable. Our aim is also to connect like minded organisations to share and learn best practice from each other.

This is what we mean when we say Beyond Sustainable. We know that if we want a planet that is thriving we need to restore and rejuvenate not sustain our current impact.



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Find local ethical stores and eateries that go beyond sustainability and enable you to shop consciously near you.


Materials and resources that will help you live a life that goes beyond sustainability to restore and rejuvenate.

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Buy Great Products & Invest in Ethical Projects

This exciting new initiative from RoundTable Global aims to deliver on our Global Goal of Environmental Rejuvenation by creating an online hub for ethical and beyond sustainable products that result in a healthier planet. Each product has been carefully selected as an inspiring example of lessening our impact on or rejuvenating the planet at the same time as giving back to local communities, social entrepreneurs and enterprises.

We are calling this initiative Beyond Bamboo® as we are keen to create a mindset change and a lifestyle choice. Our products are made from Bamboo and other beyond sustainable materials and which are also creating opportunities for local employment, funding social and environmental impact projects and ultimately raising knowledge and awareness of ethical choices that we can all make.

We are all caretakers of this planet and it is up to us to ensure that it thrives for future generations. Beyond Bamboo® will create a hub for like minded people, passionate about making ethical choices to purchase beautiful products that give back to local and global Eco-systems. We use our profits to invest in the RoundTable Global Goal Philanthropic Projects.

All clothing and products sold through this site promote a circular economy and as much as possible do not use animal products or other resources that result in the harm of our planet.

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